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  • Joey Wallbank

Scotland and Skylights.

Well we may be a little late but it is time to let you know what we have been up to in June, and what a busy month we have had!!! We've had a little of everything in the past month from stunning views on the north west coast of Scotland, to trying our hand at roof repairs with lots of groups and bookings in between.

We started June in a very excited mood as we had booked tickets for the UCI Downhill Mtb World Cup up at Fort William. If you have never been I would recommend it as our favourite sporting event of the year. From the extremely friendly and fun atmosphere to the extreme feats the riders perform it is by far the best way to kick off a summer.

After the weekend at Fort Bill, with too much sun, a couple of heavy downpours and a catch up with some old friends we decided to carry on up the country to a stunning place called Achmelvich which provided white sandy beaches and turquoise sea that looked amazing. We pitched our tent and spent the night listening to the sea and chilling out in the beautiful scenery.

From Achmelvich we decided to cross over to the east of Scotland to another stunning part of the country near Aviemore called Loch Morlich in the Glenmore forest park. After setting up camp we nipped into the town and picked up a very tasty pizza each and controversially a bottle of prosecco. Whilst in the area we decided to explore a little and in the morning set out for the Green Loch, which was a little further on from where we were staying, and again the views and scenery did not disappoint. From here we ventured back towards Loch Morlich and decided to give paddle boarding a go which was great fun and the water was incredibly refreshing as the temperature was starting to be more like Spain than Scotland. After our exploits and a change of clothes it was time to move on once more, this time travelling south to Dunkeld.

We set up camp for the last time right by the River Tay and spent the evening listening to the river and having a couple of beers. In the morning it was time for home, and after fitting so much in, in such a short time we were ready or our own bed and to see Bob who was having his own little holiday at the farm.

After having such a good time trying out Paddle Boarding at Loch Morlich we decided to look into whether it would work here at Round Ponds on our raft building sessions. We got into contact with Go Kayaking North West who stock an amazing selection of kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and anything else you need to get out on the water. We organised a weekend demo of one of their inflatable paddle boards which looked very impressive, and we were extremely happy with the great service and equipment provided by Andy and Go Kayaking as a whole. Once we got on the water it was hard to drag ourselves away, it so much fun even Bob joined in. The paddle board worked extremely well on the session, and added another level of fun to the end of the session as all the birthday part of girls all ended up on the board trying to paddle as a team at the end.

It hasn't all been fun and games this month though, after a spell of high winds at the start of the month we arrived at work to find a rather large branch had come through the roof of our cabin. After our willing volunteer came and helped me remove the branch it was a case of trying to fix the hole. With a tub of mastic, some roofing tape, the bottom of an old bucket, and a tub of bitumen we got the the job done.

Even with this small setback we have had another amazing month filled with fun times and great groups, and with the weather set continue I'm sure we will see you over the summer....

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