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  • Joey Wallbank

It's not all doom and gloom...

As you can imagine having to completely shut down our business during the opening few months of the season is not an ideal situation. The industry as a whole has come to a grinding halt with no idea when we can all start to get people back out enjoying outdoor adventures. As an instructor for over 10 years I have found not being able to do my job incredibly tough at times as I’m often at my happiest when helping others achieve things, they never knew they could do. Being able to watch a client grow, and gain skills and confidence whilst enjoying outdoor activities is the reason I fell in love with the industry, and once this is all over I’m sure I will be able to get to enjoy the job which brings a lot of happiness with it.

But in the meantime, there are a lot of positives to be taken out of a rather sticky situation, both from a personal point of view and for the country as a whole. I’m sure we are not the only ones who have had a jobs list as long as their arm waiting for the us when we finally get the time to do them. So with every job ticked off, it helps us pass the days and gives us all a sense of purpose. I mean our garden looks marvellous at the moment, the logs are chopped and split ready for winter, a hammock stand has been built to enjoy those sunny days, the cupboards have all been cleared out, the house cleaned to within an inch of its life and one very happy dog who has never had so much time to sunbathe in the garden.

Rounds Ponds has not been forgotten or neglected either in the hunt to keep busy. The hedges are looking tame, the grass is being cut and everything prepared ready for when we can finally get the welcome banners out and get the groups coming through the gates. We had 5 trees taken down before the lockdown started so we’ve had plenty of time on the chainsaw portioning up the logs ready for future winters. Wood chipping one of favourite activities (not really) has also been done with fresh spread all over on the paths to give the site a fresh feel. Gutters have been cleaned, and paths sprayed to keep down the weeds. The whole site is buzzing with life, with bees, frogs, and kites just some of the wildlife taking the opportunity to enjoy the quieter period of the year.

So in a time where a lot that is reported is doom and gloom lets look at the good stuff, that has come out of this. As a nation we have started to appreciate the people who keep the country going from the NHS to farmers. We have re-discovered that sense of community and realised that if we all work together as one then great things can be achieved. Lastly I’ve never seen so many active people whether it’s people taking their daily walk or going for a bike ride. So hopefully we should come out of this as a stronger, fitter nation with an appreciation of the outdoors and a greater respect of the country we live in.

With this I’ll sign of till next with the message of be kind and think before you judge, In the words of Billy Connolly: Gordie McLeod “The truth is, every human being on this planet is ridiculous in their own way. So we shouldn’t judge, we shouldn’t fight, because in the end… in the end, none of it matters. None of the stuff.”

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