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  • Joey Wallbank

Roll on 2019...

Well it is time for another new season, with some exciting adventures planned for the year we are hoping for this to be the best year yet here at Round Ponds...

But first what have we been up to? Well life has been rather hectic the past couple of months. I (Joey) have been working with Challenge course consultancy on and off going around the country doing annual inspections at other activity sites making sure they are fit for use for the coming year. One these jobs took me back to Min-Y-Don in Arthog during a stunning week of weather in February, to check on the climbing tower we helped build last winter. In between jobs I've been plugging away getting Round Ponds tidy and looking at its best for the coming season as well with fresh wood chip being spread to doing the first cut of the grass this week.

Sally has been even busier really, between taking bookings and being a one-woman admin team for not only Round Ponds but life in general she has also been working 3 days a week on her families dairy farm, helping with everything from milking cows to planting 1000 trees in one of the woodlands. She has also finished make our mini home from home for all our adventures and many a brew i imagine! There isn't much she can't do.

Now I'm sure you're asking what Bob has been up to, well he has been avoiding work as usual but is always there to put a smile on our faces at the end of a long day.


Well away from work we have had some adventures already this year, with Sally taking me for my first trip up Helvellyn, which we hope to be the first of many mountain walks in 2019. We have many little adventures planned and we will keep you updated on our trips away and good times.

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