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  • Sally

Chilly toes today!

Well it’s certainly a wet and cold day...After a dry start to the month it’s are regular January now which is never fun for working outdoors! We had a great Christmas and new year with friends and family, quickly followed by Joey going to work down south at Mary Tavy in Dartmoor. He disappeared on the 3rd of Jan only to return home last week for a week or two before he heads off to his next job. From what I have been told he had a great time down there, putting up two 12 metre poles, to house some high ropes elements, a leap of faith and one of our favourites the Quick Jump! The weather was kind to them up until the last few days, I think he was most excited to get back to our log burner. It’s a good job me and Bob didn't burn all the logs whilst he was away! Now he is back he is on a mission to get lots of jobs done at Round ponds before he heads off again. Meanwhile me and Bob have been fending for ourselves! Ploughing through all the paperwork which needs reviewing and revising annually, very often at home as the office is just so cold. We are defiantly lacking radiators at work! I have also been kept entertained for another 3 days a week with the family Farm, finally getting around to doing my bit! The cows aren't sure about Bob, but they don't seem to mind me. We head into February with lots to do; wood chip to spread, painting, hedges to lay, climbing walls to build, 1,000 trees to plant and finally a personal project - building our camper van ready to travel the Wild Atlantic way.

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