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  • Joey Wallbank

Storms, Courses and Rainbows...

Well what a month and what a year so far...

As per usual we've been non-stop again in September. With groups coming in, plenty of maintenance work to be done, climbing courses and some farm work thrown in, it's amazing we still found time to take a few days off and travel to the Llyn Peninsula and North Wales.

Our big group this month were the North West Forget Me Nots & Rainbows. Who are a local group that support any member of a family who have been affected by the loss of a baby, during pregnancy, at birth, or afterwards. They came as separate families and our aim was to get them involved and communicating with each other. I must say they were a great bunch of people, and had an amazing day confusing them on the problem solving, encouraging them on our vertical challenge and mainly laughing when it came to the raft building.

With birthday parties and uniform groups in as well we had a fun month with everyone who came through the gates.

At the start of the month I (Joey) took myself on a climbing course to develop my skills further and to learn some new techniques. The course took place at Awesome walls climbing centres at Sheffield & Stockport, through Peak Mountain Training. I can't speak highly enough of the trainer Ruth Taylor who was incredibly knowledgeable, and tailored the course to meet our little groups needs. With another day booked in with them at the end of October, I am looking to learning a whole host more.

With a few days free in the middle of the month we decided to make the most of it and head to North Wales for a short break. Unfortunately this time also coincided with Storm Ali which hit the UK at the same time, so with a determination to make the most of it, we made the most of the good weather we did get, and managed to climb The Rivals. But there were some mishaps along the way, with a very soggy tent, high winds, and at one point a stuck motor home, it provided us with some challenges but looking back and laughing it was great fun.

So that was September for us here at Round Ponds, hope yours was as eventful and fun as ours. So until November (which will be our last update of the year.) hope you have some great adventures.

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