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  • Joey Wallbank

Like being on a lilo in Maga!

Well then, what a month we have had.

With the school holidays in full swing this past month, we have found ourselves seeing a lot of new faces pop in for climbing sessions, and birthday parties. We've also had some new groups in this past month with them ranging from kids holiday clubs to a group of apprentices on a team building day. But fear not we've still managed to find time for adventures of our own.

Our range of big groups this month couldn't have been more diverse. The first being ABC kids holiday club. With 2 climbing activities and problem solving session planned, we had a great time with all the kids and leaders, with some fears conquered and a lot of smiling faces they left us having had a great time.

Our second big group this month was a corporate group from Cavendish nuclear. We had a group of intrepid apprentices who were tasked with taking part in 5 of our activities at the same time as reviewing their own progress and learning some functional skills along the way. It wasn't all serious though with lots of laughter, banter and team bonding taking place, it all ended in the pond after a successful raft build everyone finished the day floating round with our favourite comment of "it's like being on a lilo at magaluf".

We had another visit from Cheshire Autism Practical Support (CHAPs), and as always had an amazing time, this time though they had booked their first climbing activity along with raft building. Everyone who took part did exceptionally well and pushed themselves with a lot of the kids getting to the top of our vertical challenge.

Along with the group bookings we've had some great birthday parties, and our book on sessions as well, along with drop In activities we've been quite busy.

Away from Round Ponds we have had some great adventures as well. We spent a weekend watching Sallys younger brother race in the British Downhill Mountain Bike Series. We had a fun weekend in Wales camping with Bob, and watching Josh take his first top step on the podium, winning the race quite a way in front of the rest of the pack.

Joey has spent a couple of weekends working away in Newcastle-upon-Tyne this month, freelancing for the uk bungee club. The job was abseiling people from a cage hung from a crane suspended 35m In the air. It was great to see a different part of the country and to visit a very nice city with lots of good views when you are hung from a crane.

All this has led us into September before we could realise. With the end of season getting closer and closer we are looking forward to an action packed autumn and seeing what winter brings.

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