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  • Joey Wallbank

Beavers, Brownies, and Birthdays.

Well that's another month down, and another full month of new adventures and amazing groups.

We started the month on a high after a good June led us into July with some good bookings to look forward to and some freelancing over the other the other side of the country in North Yorkshire.

We had a July centred round some exciting uniform group bookings, with a few different groups in, we had the challenge of adapting our sessions so everyone involved had an experience to remember. 1st Kingsley Brownies were the first of these groups for a raft building session which as always they were a pleasure to have. With some very wet but smiley young girls and brilliant rafts built, a good time was had by all involved. Next we had 36 Cubs and Beavers from the 1st Thurstaton troop. With the group doing the quick jump, vertical challenge and raft building we decided it best to bring in a trusted member of staff. Bill Cook from Challenge Course Consultancy. So with the group split into 3 teams we rotated them round each activity and they certainly enjoyed their day, with smiles all round by the time it was time to leave and head back up to scout camp at Queen Charlottes Wood, just over by Frodsham hill.

In between our big bookings this month we had some brilliant birthday parties booked in. With a variety of different activities it was great fun, with no party the same.

It was time for another new adventure this month as I (Joey) had picked some freelance work over in Yorkshire with Carlton Lodge just outside of Thirsk. 7 days split over 2 weeks gave me some good insight on how another centre runs. But before I went we decided it was the perfect excuse to convert the van for me to sleep in. With that done and the van packed I headed off for my first 3 days. The second week Sally and Bob decided it would be a good excuse to have bit of a holiday so we packed up the van and took the office on tour, with the highlight being a trip to Dalby forest.

That is all from us this month, enjoy the summer holidays, we will keep you posted on our adventures again next time.

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