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  • Joey Wallbank

Into the Spring...

So we are into yet another month in 2018 and we have had yet another hectic one. We've had a lot of new adventures as well as some steep learning curves, but all in all we are getting more and more excited to go into the warmer and drier months!

We started the month with the Easter holidays and the start to our new season. Easter was was a packed couple of weeks with lots of sessions booked in, our first birthday party of the year, along with our drop in sessions and our annual inspection from Challenge Course Consultancy.

With the weather not being the best over Easter we weren't sure what too expect with our drop in sessions, but we had people dropping in and making the most of the breaks between rain. It was good to see the familiar faces as well as some new ones. Our first birthday party was one too remember, I know I had fun with our young adventurers on our Free-fall device, and then a very wet raft build, in a very cold pond. We had some very entertaining plank walks, rather them than me!!!

Our annual inspection went very well with a clean bill of health given to all our activities. So well we decided to add a couple of new, and I think exciting activities for the new season; our two new high activities are Abseiling, and Tree Climb. Which we will be ready for fun by the middle of May.

So after we had a great time and a lot of fun with Learn Outdoors on our bushcraft course last month the efforts have been ramped up to get our site bushcraft ready. With a lot of posts hammered, over 100m of chicken wire, and enough brash for a mega bonfire we have now fenced off the new bushcraft zone of the site. It took us a lot of hard work from the both of us and the willing volunteer was back in action, but it was a real team effort to get the site ready for the next step. So in the next couple of weeks a wood store and fire area will be put in as well as plenty of practicing for our first session at the end of May.

In between all this we had another short adventure working with Challenge Course Consultancy, back to Arthog in North Wales again but this time it was a job at the Arthog Outdoor Education Centre. We were tasked with increasing the height of the fence around their high activities in an old slate quarry and do their annual inspection. With a lot of scaffolding, a generator and all the tools and fixings to take carry up a huge hill and 186 steps, we definitely felt we deserved our tea at the end of each day! With a very Scottish menu on offer from Bill, we probably should of gone up and down a few more times.

As you can probably tell we have had a fun April and are looking forward to May for more adventures, and the opening of our new sessions. So that's all from us here at Round Ponds for this month, so until next time have a good month and some good adventures.

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