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Round Ponds Adventure is an outdoor pursuits centre based in Frodsham, Cheshire. We run outdoor climbing, raft building, bush craft and problem solving sessions. We work with a host of different groups; schools, uniform groups, charities and youth groups. We also offer our activities for birthday parties, confidence building and just good family fun.

Our small independent business was set up by myself and husband Joey on my family farm. We have spent over a decade working within large companies which deliver outdoor educational sessions and after a lot of thought decided maybe we can do this ourselves offering a highly personal service that is tailored to exactly what you require.

Joey has worked in various instructing and coaching roles since leaving school (which was longer ago than he likes to think). Having worked in such a variety of places with a range of ages and abilities it has given him the ability to coach all manor of groups and events. He is our head of activities and spends his days maintaining equipment, planning and delivering sessions, and updating and improving our practices. You will also find him attending a host of courses developing himself in order to benefit Round Ponds. Don’t be fooled by all of his serious roles though as he is an outstanding, fun and chilled out instructor. Just take a look at the reviews you don’t often find one without him in it!

With Joey the front man to the centre i take on a bit more of a ‘business’ role, my history is predominantly in accounting and administration so you will very often find me tapping away in the office; planning, marketing, filing reports etc. I may be the day to day running of behind the scenes here at round ponds but i am a massive advocate in getting kids outdoors! Growing up on a farm i spent my life outside getting involved i constantly strive to get that message pushed out at round ponds. I spend most of my spare time Mountain biking, Climbing and Running so it only made sense that i trained to become an instructor too. With Bush craft and climbing under my belt next stop is paddle sports when i get the time!

We have received such positive feedback, encouragement and made some great friends and relationships in the past 4 years. We may be small but that’s how we like it, we will never loose the personal touch and grow beyond our beliefs.

If we haven’t met you yet hopefully we will and to all those that support Round Ponds, Thank you!

Sally, Joey & Bob

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RJWPartners Ltd

In my "day job" I have inspected many schools and watched numerous lessons. This was GradeA Outstanding in every sense of the words. What the children learnt about themselves and life skills was exceptional and at no time was there any undue pressure, just positive encouragement and a determination for everyone to have fun. This really is an activityall young children should experience and most adults as well. 
I have ticked "Family(Young Children) below but teens friends and even business colleagues would benefit from Round Pond. It is that good.

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